Issues: Education

Young constituents are the future of our district and providing them information that can enhance their education is important to their development. Below are some resources that will be useful to kids.

All Kids Resources | Kindergarten-5th Grade | 6th-12th Grade | College

All Kids Resources

Kindergarten-5th Grade

6th-12th Grade

           Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual art competition to recognize artistic talent in each Congressional district.


  • Internship Opportunities
    An internship in my office provides a great opportunity for students to learn first-hand how our government works. Interns gain valuable knowledge and experience by having hands-on opportunity to learn about the legislative process, as well as the operations of a Congressional office.
  • Military Academy Nominations
    Young people who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in the military and who are looking to build a career foundation at one of our esteemed service academies are encouraged to open a file in the Congressional District office by sending a letter of interest.